Faringdon Baptist Church


Faringdon Baptist Church (FBC) was founded as a church plant from the Baptist church in neighbouring Longworth in 1657. Evidence suggests there has been a dissenting community in Faringdon since ca 1576.
We love our Lord Jesus Christ and aspire to serve Him in our town and introduce Him to everyone in Faringdon and the surrounding area. Our vision is to encourage people to ‘consider Christ, commit to Christ and continue with Christ’. FBC has a membership of 59 and a normal Sunday morning congregation of around 75 who come from Faringdon and the surrounding villages. We have a broad range of ages across the congregation with diverse skills.
Our worship is led by a group of musicians or streamed music with contemporary and traditional Christian styles.  When possible, we meet for coffee and refreshments before or after the service. The first part of the service is led by a service leader, focused on worship and prayer and normally includes a children’s or all-age talk. The Junior Church groups then leave to go to their various venues. The sermon is delivered by one of the preaching team or a visiting preacher. Sermons are recorded and shared on the Church website. There is often an opportunity for prayer ministry after each service.
During the week the church meets in a diverse range of home groups, and a Prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings.
The church’s pastoral needs are supported by a Pastoral worker and a voluntary pastoral care group who assist with needs when they arise. There is a strong sense of family within the church, and we enjoy getting together by organising social events.
The church’s leadership structure is:- a senior minister, and a part-time pastoral worker. The Leadership team comprises voluntary elected trustees organised as Elders and Deacons. Elders meet monthly to discuss pastoral issues, spiritual direction and teaching matters. Deacons organise the practical needs of the church. Elders and Deacons meet together monthly to deal with practical aspects of Church life. Church Members meet bi-monthly and our AGM happens in May.
FBC actively participates in Churches Together in Faringdon (CTIF). CTIF organises a children’s holiday club, runs the  Mustard Seed book and gift shop, and supports the local Food Bank. We also organise the World Day of Prayer and participate in community events such as the ‘Folly Fest‘ Arts and Music Festival, 'Christmas Lights On' in the Town Square, and lead services in a local care home
We actively encourage people in the congregation to discover their calling and we have supported several to develop their ministries over recent years.

We own our small chapel in the town at Bromsgrove. There has been a Baptist building on that site since ca 1695.  The building is regularly used by the Lunch and Leisure Club for older people, and a youth group for folk with learning difficulties. The church office is located in the chapel.
We have links through members of the congregation with Christian groups abroad. In addition we have various other missionary links in the UK.